Plymouth conservatives

Clean area

For us it is essential health care to people and realize that the most important step towards this is the maintenance of green areas and public places clean and dewormed. Our long term goal is to change the minds and attitudes of people to places where they live and the way in which care for their waste. We seek to unite our efforts with all who want Plymouth to be cleaner. The activities of the initiative are focused in the following directions:

• Increased knowledge and awareness of people regarding practices related to the reduction of waste;
• Increase the cleared areas in Plymouth;
• Motivating a large number of people to participate in cleaning actions throughout the Area;

In fulfillment of its social responsibility Plymouth conservatives proposes to provide resources for increasing public intolerance of pollution and improving the awareness of people regarding practices related to the reduction of waste. Through specially designed educational spots, as well as special sections and themes air (TV and radio) and web platforms will engage with formal education in the field of environmental protection, safe and separate waste collection and others.

The issue of hygiene in public places in our country is always topical. To ensure the cleanliness of the premises and adjacent territory used garbage cans, buckets, containers. Now it is not the means of storage of debris, which were used earlier - they have a number of advantageous properties, such as:

• combination of lightness and strength that is provided with modern plastic materials;
• ease of use (ease of cleaning and disinfection, moving);
• ergonomics (capacity, availability of suitable covers, wheels);
• Individual design

Clean and tidy when cleaning areas adjacent to offices, shopping and entertainment centers, industrial plants and other properties must be maintained permanently, regardless of the season. This is important to create a positive image of your company and for the proper functioning of buildings and grounds. We think that all commercial cleaning services has to include:

- Cleaning urban areas of snow and ice from sidewalks and walkways, parking lots, entrance ramps with hand tools or use of a tractor and a snow plow, daily inspection of buildings and cleaning of roofs from ice dams and icicles;
- Treatment anti-sleet agents when cleaning the adjacent territory with hand tools;
- Maintaining the cleanliness of the facades of buildings, information and entry plates, barriers and gates, admission booth, washing and cleaning of ceramic tiles using special equipment and special chemicals;
- Washing of paving slabs;
- Cleaning of neighboring territories with the use of hand tools, the collection of garbage and foliage;
- Cleaning of ashtrays at the entrance to the building with the use of special chemicals;
- Complete cleaning of the territory and lawn care: watering, mowing, fertilizing;
- Cleaning debris from the area: taking out the trash bins of containers and removal of contaminants from the surface of boxes, maintaining the cleanliness of garbage containers with special chemicals.
- Removal of debris from your site during winter and summer clean-up.