Plymouth conservatives

The Conservative way forward for Plymouth

A Conservative Council will:
• seek local tax remain low and to maintain a balanced budget
• in the central part of the city to introduce lower parking fees
• Local shopping centers not to introduce parking charges
• near all schools to be introduced 20mph speed limit
• priority to receive daily problems with pavement tampered with - will be stopped practice to build pointless roundabouts until the problem with bad stretches of roadway is a fact. Will prioritize the reconstruction of the pavement where necessary.
• we will ensure that City Park & Ride sites will be introduced parking fees
• will address how to keep school crossing patrols - we do not approve of their removal and will revise the opportunities for employment
• will encourage the development of measures to green and comfortable urban environment. Of particular importance is the proper planning and allocation, and the maintenance of open spaces and green areas.
• in relation to the town center we will actively encourage its reconstruction, including Colin Campbell Court. Realizing the growth of online shopping recently and its impact on trade as a whole, will review the possibilities for development of the city center
• as there is need of a comprehensive solution will be reviewed plans for the coach station behind Iceland
• Drakes Island and Mount Edgecumbe provide excellent opportunities for public use, so we will care for their promotion and preservation for the future
• will continue its support to the community in Argyle, and the football club
• due to poor infrastructure connections of Plymouth will continue to fight for better railway
• youth unemployment is a serious problem that must be given significant attention. Therefore, we anticipate conducting a special campaign to promote easier access to jobs for young people opening new ones, traineeship and practices, and most of all - opportunity to keep youth employment. We plan to be supported by local businesses providing municipal premises and financial assistance to support the recruitment of young people to work.
• will make more efforts to build appropriate infrastructure and providing housing for the needs of the population, so that our city is a preferred place to live and work.