Plymouth conservatives

Plymouth conservatives

The election that was casted on 7th of May 2015 brings the conservatives all tree constituencies of the city and Plymouth turned blue.

The basis of this victory are not only raised our worthy candidates, but the program that predict what will do for Plymouth. For starters, it will be given a much higher priority to the timely repair of potholes and bad pavement. We will try to make every effort the government to allocate more funds to begin a phased scale replacement of damaged pavement. Another serious problem in the region, which behave very much, is very high fee for parking in the center of our city - we will reduce them while be complied with the organization of the movement so that it does not monitor problems with the flow cars in the city. We will support proposals to develop the City Centre - the overall shopping experience needs renovation and adaptation to current trends for the 21st century.

Through the local football club we continue to support community Argyll. It is necessary to provide more housing for local people, it is a matter of primary importance and we think it would be possible to use vacant public housing.

We know that the railway infrastructure in the region was seriously affected by winter storms and will strive to provide the local population facilities and communication links available at the right time, now have the possibility to send these questions directly to the government and to insist on their solution in close deadlines. In terms of infrastructure we need to study the possibility of developing additional routes in SW London

We will continue to defend the territory of the former airport in the hope that private sector investors will be interested and will offer a comprehensive and real executable business plan.

We believe in the power of direct democracy and its importance to the community. Its implementation in time of need to solve pressing issue of Plymouth, allows for rapid and appropriate response from our side to be a vote and the decision to comply with the wishes of the people of the community.